Episode 002: Brian Scrone – “How to Create the Connection Children Need.”

Episode 001: Jim Sheils – “How one entrepreneur is overturning the traditional education model.”
May 1, 2017
Episode 003: Judy Arnall – “Homeschool Advice From An Expert.”
May 3, 2017

“We were put here to be creative and to serve.”

Brian is an entrepreneur from New Jersey that now resides in Florida. His owns a real estate business with his partner Jim whom you may have heard on a previous episode. They also run a unique parent/child retreat called the Family Board Meetings.

Brian and his wife Coco have 2 beautiful boys aged 5 & 3. They do not homeschool, but currently have them in a local Montessori program that fits well with their educational beliefs of critical thinking, nurture and letting the child lead. Brian is a fantastic interview because he and his family practice strong values, and live a life that reflects life long learning and connection. His practices outline the first step in home education and learning for a parent- learning to parent ourselves first and setting the example for our children.

Brian loves to surf. He believes in giving back and service to others but “what matters most is the relationship with ourselves.” Brian’s book What Matters Most – The 5 F’s focuses on life’s key relationships that are essential to living a great, creative life.

  • Faith
  • Fitness
  • Family
  • Friends
  • Finance

Taking the relationship deeper
Brian talks more about the need for the connection that everyone, especially every child wants and how parents can create that;

  • Getting into the rhythm of quality time by first giving the quantity. This is how he has developed his intimate relationships with his family, and he goes into detail on how to create this for our own relationships with what he calls the personal Family Board Meetings.

The personal family board meetings structure falls into one on one time, every 90 days at a minimum of 4 hours. No electronics. Interaction. Keep it simple. End the time with focused reflection.

  • Mindfulness in our everyday. How can parents be more conscience about listening more to our children and practicing trying to respond and not react?
    Brian is a believer in the regular practice of meditation and mindfulness. He started the practice with his kids at age 2 and encourages the importance of starting with ourselves first. Both Brian and his wife have their own daily practice, including Brian’s 20 year yoga practice. His wife Coco teaches meditation as well. He explains how meditation is the link to connected parenting. “When we start parenting ourselves first, then we will lead better by example”.

Brian goes into detail about the Family Board Meetings Retreat that they hold in Florida and the mountains of Utah. The main focus is the one on one parent/child relationship. They use the outdoors and hands on experiential, reflective time. There are not a lot of programs available in the world that brings parent and child together in this environment which allows for open conversation and connection.  What makes the difference in this journey is sharing this experience together with your child.