HIHTK 000: Welcome to Honey! I’m Homeschooling The Kids Podcast

Episode 003: Judy Arnall – “Homeschool Advice From An Expert.”
May 3, 2017
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HIHTK 004: Help! My Child HATES School-Mara Linaberger
August 9, 2017

Welcome to Honey! I’m Homeschooling The Kids.

Why this podcast?

What’s in this episode??

I’m Robyn. An unschooling mom to my wonderful son and daughter. We started out as homeschoolers and our life has slowly evolved into unschooling. Our journey started 5 years ago when my husband and I decided to make some major changes in our life. Our lives had become so consumed with living the rat race that we began losing site of the things that we loved and loved to do; having fun with our children, spending time in nature, creative pursuits, and travel. So instead of waiting and dreaming and saying “what if”- we took action. We decided to try 6 months in Jamaica. We rented our house, stored our things, sold my car, took our kids out of school, moved to Jamaica and started homeschooling.

Like Jamaica, our life began to become colourful again. We laughed, did things we loved to do, spent everyday at the beach, and we were loving homeschool. Homeschooling became the unexpected gift. The longer we homeschooled the less anyone wanted to return to traditional school. Our relationships with our children grew closer, our communication improved and we were having a lot more fun. It was not easier. Homeschooling brought so many joys, and it also brought challenges. For parents homeschooling challenges us personally, testing our previous ideas and ideals around parenting, learning, freedom, self image, self worth and limitations. Reason one for this podcast. Was I the only one feeling this way? Was I doing things all wrong if I had these feelings?

Even with the joys we were having homeschooling I still had questions. In in our time in Jamaica I could not find any other homeschoolers. We seemed alone in our journey. At that time the growing amount of blogs and social media groups that we have now were limited or non-existent. I was dying to connect with other families on the topics of home education, learning, education, and parenting. I wanted to access ideas, I wondered if I was doing things right, if I was doing things wrong, I wanted to hear about others’ experiences. Was I alone in what I was doing and how I was feeling? I wanted a like-minded community.

After our 6 months in Jamaica we continued on to Seoul, South Korea. It was there I connected with a wonderful community of homeschooling families. I felt better connected, encouraged and inspired. We shared experiences, fears, ideas, and hung out. I wanted this to continue no matter where we went.

Over the years our homeschooling journey has evolved into one of unschooling. My community has been growing and with that I continue to be inspired. I still have questions that come up, but I have learned to trust myself so much more. I notice each year that I am asked more and more about our experiences in home education, unschooling, world schooling and how and why we live our uniquely different life. How do I start homeschooling? What is the difference between homeschool and unschool? How do I start unschooling? What style of education best suits each family? How can I earn a living travelling and worldschool with my family?

I want to offer a platform for these questions and discussions.

As I continue to connect, learn and inspire I want that for others as well. As I see how happy and engaged kids can be in their learning journey I want that for other children as well. As I see how the current education model is less and less suitable I want to help families find a model that better meets and engages them.

You will hear interviews from experts in the fields of education, parenting, and mindset as well as families (including my own) that are living full out in their own unique style of family learning.

That’s the reason for this podcast.