HIHTK Episode 010- Part 2 “How Worldschooling Broke Her Culture Norms”

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HIHTK Episode 009 Queenie Tan – “How Worldschooling Broke Her Culture Norms”
October 15, 2017
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HIHTK Episode 011 “What My Daughter Thinks About Homeschooling”
October 29, 2017
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October is a feature month on Worldschoolers.

This episode is Part 2 of the interview with Queenie Tan–Worldschooling mom, Entrepreneur, Educator, and International Speaker.

Common Misconceptions of Worldschoolers

Queenie tackles some of the common questions and misconceptions that Worldschoolers get asked.

  • Do you miss not having a home to come back to?
  • Is travelling full time detrimental for kids?
  • Don’t you have to be extremely rich or win the lottery to worldschool or travel full time?
  • Isn’t travelling with kids dangerous?
  • The kids won’t be socialized

Cultural Traditions

Hong Kong holds strong cultural norms and traditions. Work hard and long. Make money. Women traditionally don’t question or speak their mind. Kids do the same. Study hard in school for academic success. Queenie’s decision to worldschool bucked these traditions. It was hard decision to make. She thought these traditions were unique to her culture. But through travel she’s learning that these norms are not so different. All over the world people are trying to meet expectations that are not your own.

There is a belief that work should be painful. It should not be fun. This is the problem that many seem to have with unschooling. They think that unschooling is not learning because the kids are having so much fun.

Life Skills

Queenie talks about the life skills kids need to thrive in the world today. Skills like entrepreneurial skills and financial literacy. Being able to take care of and provide for themselves. She is proud that her sons pay for their own travel with money they earn through their own businesses. They are under the age of 14.

The other life skills that they are building are resiliency, adaptability and not being afraid to learn. These are more valuable life skills.”Get comfortable with the uncomfortable.”  She says about her family “the more we expose ourselves to different things the more adaptable we are.”

Hard Changes

Queenie found the hardest change for her was slowing down. In Hong Kong the pace is extremely fast. She worked 4 jobs and worked non-stopped. Working that hard is a source of pride in Hong Kong. It is what everyone does.

Future Plans

What are their future plans? Will they return back to Hong Kong? Is there a different place they would like to settle?

They have no plans to return to Hong Kong yet. Queenie understands that her oldest teen son may choose to be on his own in 5 years time or less. For now they are enjoying making their relationship stronger, building new community and connections and fully enjoying each place that they travel to. They feel each place they visit is their favourite.

Queenie Tan – http://foongkwin.com/

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